How to Unlock a Car Door With a Hanger

In this article we’ll take a look at the best car door lock picking strategies to help you get into your vehicle. Before you start you should first identify what type of vehicle you have. Some cars have automatic locks that you can activate with a button or a switch while others have manual or lever style locks. Also determine what tools you have available. The more tools you have the more likely you are to get into your car. If your keys are locked, consider keeping a spare in your wallet. You can also call someone to pick them up.

A hanger is a great tool to use in the door lock picking process. However, be careful not to snag it on something in your vehicle. For example, you may accidentally break a window. Alternatively, you might damage the internal mechanism of the door lock. Wearing gloves will help.

You might have to spend some time to get the hanger into the right position. Depending on the style of the door lock you might be required to pull the pin or bar backwards before you can actually get it into the door. When you’ve gotten the hanger into the right position, you can jimp it over to the side to catch the door lock.

Using a hanger is a good idea for the obvious reason. You can’t see inside the car, so grabbing the top of the door is not an option. The door is separated from the body by a thin layer of weather proofing. This may prevent a cuff from fitting around the post.

While you’re waiting for the hanger to do its job, you might want to have a look at the small window to the left of your driver’s seat. That should reveal a small hole. Putting a hanger through that hole is a good way to unlock your car without the hassle of keying it in.

Using a bendable coat hanger is a great way to open your door without the need for a key. Just be sure to get the right sized wire coat hanger. It can be difficult to find a small one that is not too thin or too thick.

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to open the door with the aid of a hanger. Beware of using the wrong technique, though. Remember to wear gloves and not to force your way in. One way to avoid tearing up the window is to keep the hanger in the appropriate orientation.

One of the quickest ways to unlock a car is with a thin metal bar. This might be a better alternative than a hanger, but you can’t be sure.

You can also try using a doorstop to get in. These can be found in many auto parts stores. Try to find the best quality one as they’re much better at squeezing the cuffs of a locked door. Of course, you should also be aware that it’s a pain to put the object into a tight space, and you might need to use a ruler to see if you can fit it into the gap.