How to choose a lawyer?

To begin with, let us answer the question: “Can I win the trial without an attorney? Yes, we can! But, if you are an erudite person, are able to assimilate large amounts of previously unknown information, are able to think logically and express their thoughts orally, not a bad psychologist, have the gift of persuasion and know how to control their emotions.

The judge will independently assess your judgments and arguments, as well as witnesses invited by you, will study the facts and evidence given by you. Therefore, if you will cope with this task, not missing the opportunity to timely submit to the court important facts and circumstances of the case, will bring logically verified arguments and will be able to “not protrude” unfavorable moments for you, ask the right questions and skillfully respond to the counterattack of the lawyer of the opposite side, based on the studied court practice and legislation, you can be congratulated.

In a real life it is more often happens differently: not all win processes, using services of lawyers, and very small number of people among those who at it at all manages without them. This is especially true if you need a medical malpractice lawyers or other specialist in a narrow area.

Is it possible to do without the services of a free lawyer?

Absolutely. At the same time, a lawyer must have internal motivation and experience in handling such cases. This is justified also in case it is a talented and ambitious lawyer, who strives to gain experience in his “luggage of experience” as much as possible winning cases and further engage in private legal practice.

How to choose a private lawyer?

It may not be so easy, and time, as a rule, is always lacking. After all, as a rule, it is impossible to predict in advance the need for legal services for protection in court. Of course, one should look at law firms and individual human rights defenders on a regular basis, drawing information from the press, the Internet, communicating with people, consulting with lawyers themselves on certain current issues. But if a decision needs to be taken immediately, please take the following recommendations into account:

  1. The lawyer will work with full dedication, if two key points coincide for him: payment for his services is adequate to his expectations (fair), your feedback about him will affect his private professional practice: for better or for worse;
  2. It is better to choose a lawyer not from the beginners, as well as not from the end of his career lawyers, as in the first case may be affected by lack of experience, and in the second – initiative;
  3. Be cautious about lawyers, who promise and guarantee, in view of the fact that not everyone has a pool of constant clients: any guarantees are admissible only in one case – personal knowledge and acquaintance with the judge, the possibility of the lawyer of confidential consultation with him;
  4. If you have decided to address to the so-called elite lawyer, which serves mainly the interests of large companies and wealthy citizens, and you do not belong to this circle, the degree of his motivation to win will be disproportionately low in relation to his fee. You also risk money, and such a lawyer does not risk anything, because in real life, you are unable to damage his reputation. To reduce your risk, you must hire a professional construction accident attorney in New York;
  5. Lawyers invited from another city is not the best option, because, firstly, judges are often biased towards “visiting lawyers”, and secondly, winning or losing a case will not affect the image or reputation of such a lawyer;
  6. Do not trust lawyers who tend to jump to hasty conclusions: a good lawyer will carefully review all documents, facts and circumstances of the case before issuing his CV before drawing any conclusions.